Discount 38W 4FT LED Propagation Luminaire 2 Pack 

38W 4FT LED Propagation Luminaire 2 Pack

38W 4FT LED Propagation Luminaire 2 Pack

The Best Grow Lights for You!

Ramp up your plant grow light game the easy way! Simply more

The Best Grow Lights for You!

Ramp up your plant grow light game the easy way! Simply replace your 100W T8/T12 fluorescent shop lights with 38W 4FT LED Propagation Luminaire lighting fixtures from

Indoor plants respond beautifully to the Sun White formulated plant spectrums that feature an efficient Photosynthetic Photon flux (PPF) output. Luminaire promotes faster growth cycles to achieve up to 20% faster growth.

Installation and Application:

Choose between the Sun White Spectrum with a high color rendering index (CRI) that mimics natural sunlight conditions and boost photosynthesis rates. Or select Sun White Pro Spectrum for healthy vegetative growth, root development, tight internodal spacing and phytochemical production.

  • Either choice gives your plants 100% more effective spectrums over your old shop lights. Crops also gain access to the proper density of beneficial biologically active light.
  • This means you can grow bigger, healthier, more valuable plants! And because Luminaire fixtures use 60% less energy, you'll cut the bottom line with up to $300 in energy costs over your old shop fluorescent tube lights.
  • Each Luminaire indoor plant light fixture comes with a 120V power cord, two bulbs and is rated for 120V - 277V with a 40,000 hour lifetime. Typical applications include: microgreens, cannabis propagation, herbs, perennials, tropical plants, vegetables, Citrus trees, supplemental lighting, seed germination and tissue culture.
  • Connect multiple (12 on 120V and 28 on 277V) 38W 4FT LED Propagation Luminaire fixtures end-to-end for uninterrupted, seamless light in any garden application. An included daisy chainmakes it easy.
  • Gain a streamlined appearance with less wiring to keep your grow room clean. This investment will also inspire faith in prospective customers and employees!

#ProPlantTips for Care: 

Using Luminaire lighting to grow indoor plants doesn't require a PhD in plant science, either. You'll appreciate these durable, streamlined all-in-one fixtures that offer warm, bright light and a built-in metal rigging ring for easy hanging.

  • Suitable for commercial vertical farm or home grow racking systems. See the data sheet for weight and sizing.
  • This "plug and play" integrated fixture is securely boxed for shipping and very easy to install without special training or tools.
  • Certified safe components and manufacturing which meets the highest industry safety standards.
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