Discount Abelia Kaleidoscope 

Abelia Kaleidoscope

Abelia Kaleidoscope

Compact and ShowyAbelia KaleidoscopeShrub

Compact and ShowyAbelia KaleidoscopeShrub

  • IntenseColor from Spring through Fall
  • Long Lasting Blooms
  • Hardy
  • Carefree
  • Deer Resistant

Create instant visual interest on your property and from the curb with our Abelia Kaleidoscope (Abelia X grandiflora 'Kaleidoscope' PP16988) shrub. Thisa low-growing, compact shrub features amazingvariegated leaves.

This shrub does extremely well in small gardens, as a border plant, hedge or even in containers on yourpatio or porch. You'll love thestudy in color from spring through fall. This is a shrub that truly adds to the aesthetic appeal of your landscape or lawn.

The attention-commanding show begins in the spring when leaves begin to appear on brilliant red stems, a contrast that really has to be seen to be believed. The foliage features lime green centers with a bit of yellow around the edges to create an unusual specimen that draws the eye instantly from the moment it comes into view.

Unlike some less unique shrub varieties, the color of this handsome shrub doesn't go away with the spring. The colorjust gets more intense and mature as the seasons unfold and summer progresses.

When summer days turn to fall, the Kaleidoscope's colors (in true kaleidoscope style) evolve. The colors willdarken into resplendent and magnificent autumn colors. What a show!

Abelia Kaleidoscope has some additional features that are also sure to delight you. In late spring, cute little pink buds will cover your plant. These will later blossom into white flowers that will continue to bloom into autumn. In fact, Kaleidoscope is considered the longest bloomer of the Abelias.

Abelia is not only incredibly beautiful, but also carefree. Unless you choose to shape it with a little pruning, there's really no maintenance required.

It will resist frost and isn't too bothered by drought or heat. It's tolerant of many soil types and even the deer tend to leave it alone.

Planting an Abelia Kaleidoscope in your garden ensures interest from spring through fall without any heavy commitment from you. Just ordertoday, thensit back to watch the Kaleidoscope of colors materialize before you.


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