Discount Alachua Muscadine Grape 

Alachua Muscadine Grape

Alachua Muscadine Grape

Alachua Muscadine Grape (Vitis rotundifolia 'Alachua') has a strong, classic Muscadine flavor and thick black skins that more

Alachua Muscadine Grape (Vitis rotundifolia 'Alachua') has a strong, classic Muscadine flavor and thick black skins that resist scarring and bruising. This late-season black grape is sweet and flavorful, traits inherited from its Southland Muscadine parentage! Lush green foliage and shaggy ornamental bark make this deciduous vine beautiful in the winter too!

A sturdy and stout Grape vine with lush green foliage and greenish white blooms that attract pollinators. Then the purple-black glossy fruit ripens into big clumps that ripen uniformly and consistently! Once they're ready to harvest, you'll be busy creating wine, juicing, and preserves!

Alachua Muscadine Grape is a heavy-bearing variety that is a self-fertile cross from the University of Florida. Released in 1990 with good disease resistance and is a great choice for home landscapes! Perfect for southern climates throughout USDA growing zones 7 to 9. Growing 10-15 feet in height and about 6-8 feet wide, Alachua can easily be trained to any size your landscape has room for!

Planting and Application:

Muscadine Grapes bring a touch of the Mediterranean to your landscape! This vine looks great on an arch at the entrance of your home or as a feature draping itself over an arbor leading to your vegetable gardens. You can also create a striking scene with several strung across a grape arbor, climbing your fence, or on the back wall of your patio.

Let these fruiting vines ramble over a fence to hide eyesores beyond and provide privacy throughout the spring until fall! Screening off seating areas and breakfast nooks with lush foliage and casting cooling shade. Container gardeners can even plant these in large pots and planters for balcony and small-space Edible landscaping!

Alachua is high in antioxidants and health benefits in addition to its strong flavor making these Grapes a prime vine for backyard orchards and gardens! Especially in southern gardens, this native to America's South is heat and humidity-tolerant.

  • Big Round Amber-Colored Fruit
  • Lush Green Foliage & Shaggy Bark
  • Heat & Humidity Resistant Self-Fertile Vines
  • Fresh Eating, Juicing & Wine
  • Pollinator-Friendly Spring Blooms & Late Season Harvest
  • Edible Gardening, Shade & Privacy

#ProPlantTips for Care:

This Muscadine Grape requires full sun and require heat to ripen. Plant your vine where it will get the most! These deciduous vines do well in most soils as long as you have good drainage. Wet or heavy clay soils are not good for Grapes. An ideal pH level for Grapes is 6.5, but they grow well between 6.5 and 7.5. Provide 3-4 inches of arborist mulch to help maintain the proper temperature and improve the soil quality over time.

Prune off broken or dead portions of branches and roots, and prune the top growth to a single cane when dormant or in the early spring before they begin to grow for the year because the canes can drop sap and bleed if pruned too late or too early. You will get a larger yield by planting multiple Muscadine varieties, but Alachua is self-fertile and will give you a great crop each year!

  • Full Sun For The Most Fruit
  • Regular Moisture Schedule & Loves Mulched Beds
  • Enriched Well-Drained Soil & Mulch
  • Needs Sturdy Support
  • Prune When Dormant or Early Spring

Sweet and flavorful, the Alachua Muscadine Grape will add its incredible beauty and versatility to your landscape and home orchard! Order today at Nature Hills!


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