Discount Amazing Red New Zealand Flax 

Amazing Red New Zealand Flax

Amazing Red New Zealand Flax

Compact Color Amazing Red New Zealand Flax

Compact Color Amazing Red New Zealand Flax

  • Excellent Dark Red Color
  • Showy Sword-Like Leaves
  • Bold Look
  • Can Be Kept in Containers
  • Glossy Color Stays True
  • Small Red Blooms Support Beneficial Pollinators
  • Performs in Full Sun to Part Shade
  • Grow in Windy and Coastal Conditions
  • Waterwise Once Established
  • Deer and Rabbits Don't Prefer the Taste
  • Appears on Firewise Plant Lists

It seems like everyone is looking for a relaxing oasis where they can truly "get away" these days. Why not use plants to create your own tropical paradise?

No matter how largeor smallyour landscape is, Amazing Red New Zealand Flax (Phormium 'Amazing Red') adds stylish architectural texture and incredibly rich red color. Keep it in containers on your balcony, or grow a modern mass planting along your patio.

This variety stays compact and looks incredible with a collection of tropical houseplants brought outdoors for summer. The strappy leaves make an excellent contrast to large-leaved Zebra plants and Garden Croton.

Consider them as a beautiful fill plant in your mixed garden beds. Their evergreen perennial foliage provides a huge burst of rusty-red color, and their tubular red blooms support butterflies and beneficial pollinators.

Grow several as an easy-care accent on either side of your doorway. or keep them as a "Thriller" in outdoor containers. Please note...even Northern gardeners can get this look for a seasonal container as an annual!

You'll love their lustrous finish that gleams in the sun. It protects their color from fading in full sun all day long.

New Zealand Flax can actually grow well in sun...or partial shade...or windy coastal conditions. Once the roots are established in your soil, you'll only need a low amount of water on a consistent basis.

Baby your container plants, of course! This clump-forming plant is too cute to ignore, although rabbits and deer tend to leave it alone.

Install your Amazing Red New Zealand Flax, then kick back and invite your friends over for fun in a lavish landscape. Order today!

How to Use Amazing Red New Zealand Flax in the Landscape

With a strongly erect, vase-shape form and blade-like leaves, Amazing Red New Zealand Flax draws the eye. Maximize this architectural perennial with a high-profile spot.

Keep several in starkly streamlined containers perfectly positioned equidistant along your terrace for a high-end look. Add them in a sinuous ribbon at the foreground of a shrub border.

Plant a showy row of them as a foundation planting. These firewise plants help protect your defensible space.

Amazing Red New Zealand Flax looks incredible when repeated to create a textural stand. Create a solid fill by planting them 18 inches apart, measuring from the center of one to the center of the next.

Add extra rows with a zigzagging, checkerboard planting pattern to create a gorgeous mass planting. Mulch newly installed mass plantings and keep them weeded until they grow together.

Keep cleanup tasks at a minimum with wise planting practices. Allow three feet of room between the center of New Zealand Flax and the sidewalk to avoid trip hazards.

Low maintenance gardens are blissfully easy for busy people to enjoy year-round. Rely on this "workhorse" for impact, style and color...without very much annual care.

This durable plant is listed on several state Firewise lists. Include it in your defensible zone to protect your property.

#ProPlantTips for Care

This pretty plant can take full sunshine without its dark, reddish-brown leaves getting drab. It can do well in a bit of shade...but needs at least four hours of direct sunlight a day.

Don't plant too deeply, as Phorbium requires well-drained soils and their roots can't handle wet soil. Use a container if you struggle with poor drainage, or create a raised planting bed.

During the first season in the ground, give it more water as the roots are getting established; then reduce the watering levels to low. Water containerized plants regularly and support in-ground plants with consistent water during extended drought.

In late winter or early spring after flowering, cut out damaged or discolored leaves out and away from the base of the clump. Don't shorten the leaves with straight cuts near the end of the leave. Rather, trim at a diagonal...reaching all the way down at the bottom.

Wear gloves for this task! Let the small stump dry for a week, then remove it completely.

You'll grow to love this excellent variety as much as our garden designer clients do! Place your order for Amazing Red New Zealand Flax ASAP...we'll run out of our limited inventory quickly.


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