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American Linden

American Linden

Valuable Native American Linden Shade Tree

Valuable Native American Linden Shade Tree

  • Wonderful Native Tree
  • Fragrant Flowers
  • Basswood Honey
  • Well-Shaped, Hardy Shade Tree
  • Interest in Spring, Summer and Fall
  • Wildlife Appeal

Nature Hills is proud to offer the hard-to-find American Linden (Tilia americana) tree. This tree is a national treasure with a lush foliage, strong wood, and amazing flowers. As it grows, Linden becomes a valuable asset in your yard.

Large, heart-shaped leaves cast dappled shade during hot summer months. They are dark green and held on strong, uniformly spaced branches, which makes this an excellent choice to use as a lovely shade tree.

Linden is well-known for its regal presence in the landscape. This stately tree makes a substantial impact in a large landscape.

Also known as the Basswood tree, the American Linden features fragrant clusters of pale yellow flowers that dangle from textured branches. They'll draw pollinators in to come feast on the nectar and carry laden pollen sacs back to the hive. Basswood honey simply can't be beat!

This gourmet honey is rich and dark. Homesteaders and entrepreneurs should consider setting up a profitable bee-keeping business with a stand of American Linden set in a pasture or back lot.

The fragrant flowers give way to small nutlets attached to 3-4" wings in summer. The pale green wings give a wonderful visual interest throughout your tree for the late summer. They make a nice contrast to the dark green leaves. When autumn comes on, the Linden's foliage deepens into mellow yellow fall color.

The American Linden tree will please all your senses through the year. Order today!

How to Use American Linden in the Landscape

American Linden has been an American landscape favorite for hundreds of years. It's even, well-structured profile works in a wide variety of garden styles. It looks beautifully formal in a large front yard.

The color variation from the leaves and lighter green wings would also stand up in a rustic setting. Pair with shaggy, native evergreens along the back fence to cast welcome shade an overly bright backyard.

Not only used as a lovely ornamental, American Linden is a valuable tree with potential as a cash crop. Grow them for specialty timber. Hobby woodworkers across the country love to use the fine heartwood to make fine, bespoke furniture.

Create holistic products from the leaves and flowers as part of an herbal online store. Or, set up shop as a bee-keeper. American Linden produces a fine brown honey. Some consider the honey from Linden flowers to be some of the best available.

The European Lindens, such as the Tilia cordata, have been used for centuries to make some of the finest honeys in the world. The American Basswood produces the same fine-quality honey as its European relatives.

#ProPlantTips for Care

Native to a wide swathe of North America, the American Linden is widely adaptable to many types of soils and climates. Once established, American Linden doesn't mind a bit of drought. A nice, thick layer of mulch over the root system will help to keep it cool in dry times.

The tree requires good drainage, but can tolerate both wet and dry locations. It can also tolerate higher pH soils.

Perfect for large properties, you won't want to miss out on the fragrance, style and grace of the beautiful American Linden. Order today!


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