Discount Baby Gemtrade Boxwood 

Baby Gem™ Boxwood

Baby Gem™ Boxwood

Deer Resistant Baby Gem™ Boxwood

Deer Resistant Baby Gem™ Boxwood

  • Low Maintenance Evergreen
  • Heat and Drought Resistant Once Established
  • Tolerates Full Sun to Partial Shade
  • Cute in Containers, or Pruned as a Topiary
  • Very Disease and Deer Resistant

Introducing a sweet little Southern Living dwarf Boxwood! The Baby Gem™ Boxwood (Buxus microphylla var. japonica 'Gregem' PP21159) is a wonderful little broadleaf evergreen shrub with fine-textured foliage and small stature. A perfect fit for smaller gardens, you'll appreciate this compact Boxwood variety with its bright green foliage in borders and focal areas.

The adorable little Baby Gem Boxwood is an extremely popular shrub for landscapes. This fine-textured evergreen accent will meet your needs, even in the smallest spaces. You'll love the way it presents a pleasing picture in your yard for years to come.

Baby Gem Boxwood has a compact, rounded form and is both heat and drought-tolerant. This looks like a cute little green ball, but it's actually tough as nails.

A generally low-maintenance shrub, it won't require much care from you. It can be left to grow naturally and are beautiful on their own, or trimmed to fit your needs. You won't have to worry about them once they establish themselves in your yard.

The small, shiny green leaves of Baby Gem are smaller than most Boxwood selections. The plants are a bit slower growing than other varieties and they eventually mature, reaching a maintainable size. You can also keep it even smaller with pruning.

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How to Use Baby Gem Boxwood in the Landscape

Boxwoods are ornamental, but did you know that they're also historic shrubs? Boxwoods are thought to date back millions of years, and in ancient times, the Romans used them to accentuate their own famously beautiful landscapes. Once you own one of these wonderful shrubs, you'll understand why their popularity is so long-lasting.

Baby Gem Boxwood has a dwarf nature, which makes it ideal for those small spaces in your yard where you'd like an evergreen presence. It may be a baby-sized Boxwood, but its dark green nature will certainly create a big visual interest in your landscape, particularly through the cold, winter months.

They're small enough and hardy enough, to work in many locations in your yard. They are very versatile. Best of all, they'll define and bring structure to your landscape without requiring much care.

These may just be the perfect foundation plant. Use a few as edging plants, or as natural untrimmed, or sheared formal hedge plants.

Boxwood is a wonderful plant to use to define formal rose gardens or even an English knot garden. You can even use these in containers for your patio or front porch. Try your hand at a fun topiary design! These plants are easy to grow and give you a great look no matter where you use them.

#ProPlantTips for Care

Baby Gem Boxwoods will thrive planted in full sun or partial shade and are hardy in USDA zones 5-9, which is over a very broad range of conditions. These rugged, easy-care plants are very low maintenance. They'll grow into cute green balls, but don't be fooled. 

With a tight, compact growth habit, you'll place them two feet apart (measuring from stem to stem between your plants) to gain a dense hedge. Prune them in late winter.

After you get your new Boxwood plants established by paying careful attention to the watering needs, they do become quite carefree in most well-draining soils. Water them really well, then let them dry out between waterings after they get established in your landscape.

Try not to disturb the root system of your plants as they are fleshy and close to the surface. They will greatly appreciate a nice 2-3 inch layer of shredded mulch to keep the soil evenly moist and cooler during the heat of summer.

You'll grow to count on these garden workhorses and will want to keep them in tip-top shape. Apply a slow-release fertilizer twice a year, once in early spring and once in mid-summer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How big do Baby Gem Boxwoods grow?

Baby Gem Boxwood shrubs only grow to a mature height and width of 3 feet, in optimal conditions.

How long does it take Baby Gem Boxwood to grow?

Baby Gem Boxwood are medium growth rate plants that amount to around 6 inches per year in optimal conditions.

Can you keep Baby Gem Boxwoods small?

You can easily prune or shear Baby Gem Boxwood to keep them at any size needed for your landscaping purposes.

How do you trim Baby Gem Boxwoods?

Prune in late winter or very early spring when needed and either shear to clean up the shape of your shrub, or prune Baby Gem Boxwood to the desired shape needed.

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