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Cape Rush

Cape Rush

Upright texture and color of this new and improved garden evergreen grass, the Cape Rush ( more

Upright texture and color of this new and improved garden evergreen grass, the Cape Rush (Chondropetalum tectorum) is a colorful burst of year-round color for warmer growing zones or a unique annual in cooler ones. Kick your landscape up a notch or two with these modern and urban environment-ready plants!

Cape features dark green rounded stems that have long been used as thatching and around water around the world. Even tolerant of coastal and saline conditions Rush grasses are versatile and easy-care plants!

Cape Rush grows in a modern, yet free-flowing clump of vertical blades, some of which gracefully arch as the plant gets wider. By summer the stems become festooned with burgundy seed heads that add to the dramatic dark coloration and provide food for birds.

Planting and Application:

Great for stabilizing hillsides and water feature banks for erosion control, these grasses tolerate a wide range of conditions once established. En masse and groups of Rush look fantastic with their upright growth, dark color and unique burgundy seed heads that wave at the tops of each stem. Adding vertical texture and a formal look to pathways and borders, as well as high-style to patio and porch pots and planters.

Rush plants are typically found growing along river banks and ponds, however Cape Rush can tolerate dry sites equally well. Plant in either rock gardens or in Rain Gardens with success! Coastal gardens, inspired Perennial borders, modernized Cottage gardens, and minimalistic urban plantings all benefit from the unique growth of these grasses.

  • Upright Gracefully Growing Mounds
  • Dark Green Round Stems
  • Burgundy Seed Heads
  • Coastal & Water Gardens, Beds, Borders & Specimen
  • Unique, Formal Look in Containers & En Masse

#ProPlantTips for Care:

Rush are very tolerant and versatile in warmer climates and great annual additions to cooler growing zones. Plant in well-drained, moderately enriched soil for best results. Once established, Rush can be very drought tolerant and withstand occasional flooding.

  • Full Sun
  • Well-Drained Soil & Tolerates Poor Soil
  • Tolerates Salt & Heat
  • Naturalizing & Erosion Control
  • Low Maintenance & Easy Care

Cape Rush will be your new favorite modernizing plant! With very little fuss, you can have unique garden additions to boost your style and curb appeal with ease! Order today at before this unique variety of ornamental grass sells out!


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