Discount Fire Dragon Maiden Grass 

Fire Dragon Maiden Grass

Fire Dragon Maiden Grass

Fire and light, the gorgeous Fire Dragon Maiden Grass (Miscanthus sinensis 'Fire Dragon') is a graceful flowing Miscanthus more

Fire and light, the gorgeous Fire Dragon Maiden Grass (Miscanthus sinensis 'Fire Dragon') is a graceful flowing Miscanthus with year-round appeal and garden interest! The lively green fronds billow in the breeze all spring and summer before transforming into vibrant reds and oranges for the autumn!

Beautiful soft seed heads appear in summer and become silvery and fluffy for fall interest, providing a unique contrast to the fiery blades of grass! As winter approaches, the fiery color pales to tan to add texture and interest all winter.

Maiden Grasses are hardy ornamental grasses with an upright yet flowing growth habit. When in full bloom, these warm-season grasses can tower upwards of 5-7 feet in height! Fast-growing once established, you'll get results in a hurry!

Planting and Application:

Ornamental grasses are fantastic border plants and fast privacy hedges when you want to make an impression in a hurry while maintaining a light and carefree effect. Texture, color, motion, and soft rustling sounds, these plants provide your private outdoor spaces everything to make your design complete! Block out the world, and reduce noise and wind, while enveloping your seating areas and patios with amazing color.

Fast erosion control, the thick roots hold ground atop retaining walls, hard-to-mow hillsides, and slopes, and set the landscape alight when planted en masse! Not one to shrink into the background, these are fantastic specimen plants when used individually or in groupings and anchor garden beds and borders with a punctuation mark of contrasting color and textures.

  • Tall Showy Ornamental Grasses
  • Incredible Red & Orange Fall Color
  • Silvery Seed Plumes for Winter Interest & Floral Design
  • Fast Growth Once Established
  • Borders, Specimen & En Masse

#ProPlantTips for Care:

Maiden Grass thrives in full sun. Tolerant of any type of well-drained soil, even poor rocky soil, and handles drought like a champ once established. Xeric plants like Ornamental Grasses are always ready for the challenge! Have patience with warm-season grasses because they may green up later in the spring, but really shine once the hot, dry summer weather kicks in!

Fire Dragon Maiden Grass will light up your landscape with fire and ice! Turn tricky garden spots into beacons of beauty today by ordering this unique variety of Ornamental Grass at!


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