Discount Harvest Gold Linden 

Harvest Gold Linden

Harvest Gold Linden

Stunning Shape, Fragrant Harvest Gold Linden

Stunning Shape, Fragrant Harvest Gold Linden

  • Compact Shade Tree for Modern Lots
  • Symmetrical Habit Delivers a Formal Look
  • Fragrant Yellow Flowers in Summer
  • Gorgeous, Heart-Shaped Leaves
  • Beautiful Glowing Golden Fall Color
  • Develops Attractive Exfoliating Bark
  • Extremely Cold Hardy
  • Resists Sun Scald
  • Excellent Choice to Support for Beneficial Pollinators
  • Tolerates Urban Conditions

Today's property owners are more educated than ever before. When shopping for landscape trees, they literally "want it all" from showy looks, yummy-smelling fragrance, great fall color and performance...and even support for their local ecology.

Plant breeders are working overtime to deliver plants that tick all the boxes. Designer trees resulting from expert cross-breeding programs satisfy even the most demanding home-owner.

Our team is very excited to offer Harvest Gold Linden (Tilia x mongolica 'Harvest Gold') for sale on our website. Bred in Canada from a hardy mix of Mongolian and Littleleaf Linden, these exceptional trees lend a formal look to your landscape.

Compact and symmetrical, these Lindens stay smaller than other varieties. Use one as an outstanding specimen, or plant a tidy row to show off their refined shape.

Fine-textured foliage has a fetching look all season. The small leaves are heart-shaped and leathery and give the trees a sturdy charm.

As the growing season wears on, you'll delight in their dangling yellow flower clusters. Their summer scent is heavenly!

Feel good about supporting butterflies and other beneficial pollinators with these nectar resources. Harvest Gold Linden is an excellent choice to help your local honey bees.

Place your Victory Garden nearby to enjoy bumper crops of annual veggies. Be sure to add a row of beautiful berry bushes to polish up the look of your stylish Edible Landscape!

Harvest Gold Linden is a great choice for small space gardens, as well. Densely held foliage casts a very refreshing shade; and durable trunks and branches resist sun scald.

Enjoy all the delights of summer without sweltering. Site them where you'll enjoy them from the air-conditioned great indoors, as well.

As the summer draws to a close, you'll be able to curl up on a cozy chair and enjoy the brilliant fall foliage.

This variety amps up a sophisticated display of clear, golden-yellow; a perfect mixer with other fall favorites like purple Asters, scarlet Forest Rouge Viburnum, or red-orange Little Henry Sweetspire.

Even in winter, the attractive shape catches and sculpts the snowfall in a festive way. As the bark matures, you'll enjoy the eye-catching texture, too.

It's certainly no wonder why professional garden designers turn to this highly ornamental Linden to add "wow factor" to dazzle their clients. Order your expertly grown Harvest Gold Linden today!

How to Use Harvest Gold Linden in the Landscape

This petite variety should be strongly considered to repeat as a street planting. With its help, you'll easily turn your property into a showy boulevard.

Space the trees 20 to 30 feet apart on center, measuring from trunk to trunk. The wider the spacing, the more each tree will be seen as an individual.

Plant them closer together, if you'd like their upright, pyramidal canopies to grow together and touch. March a row along your back fence, or add a row on either side of a long driveway for a beautiful experience.

Include one on the south or southwest of your small lot for shade. Harvest Gold Linden is a modern solution for today's compact yards.

Consider this lovely tree as a living focal point. Build out your design around this exquisite smaller tree.

Mulch underneath and underplant with spring-flowering bulbs and summer-blooming Hydrangeas. Don't forget to include groundcover plants for a very polished, low-maintenance look.

#ProPlantTips for Care

Plant in full sun, where your tree will receive at least six hours of direct sunlight a day. We always recommend a spot that gets good air circulation for trees, as well.

Lindens are widely adaptable to many types of soils and climates, but they do need well-drained soil. Create a raised planting bed, if needed, to improve drainage.

Apply a medium amount of supplemental water, if you don't receive enough rainfall. Mulch helps keep the root system nice and cool; but pull it back to ensure it doesn't directly touch the trunk.

The very uniform branch structure likely won't need much pruning. If you do need to correct, plan to prune in late winter.

You'll fall in love with the handsome looks and incredible fragrance of Harvest Gold Linden. Rest assured, this high performer is also very easy to live with. Order yours today!


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