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Every yard needs evergreen plants to help balance the landscape design and add interest in winter. Go ahead, and join the fan more

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Every yard needs evergreen plants to help balance the landscape design and add interest in winter. Go ahead, and join the fan club of Mugo Pine (Pinus mugo var. mugo) and enjoy this reliable, beautiful, small evergreen. Mugo Pines never get leggy with bare stems at the base. Instead, they are lush, full, and hug the ground.

In its native habitat of the mountains of Germany and Poland, the Mugo Pine is a low-growing variety with a dense growth habit and rounded nature. Sometimes spelled Mugho, and also known as the Swiss Mountain Pine, you can rely on its excellent form, texture, and color to deliver interest throughout your yard and add vivid, dark-green color to your landscape in every season.

Please don't underestimate this plant because it doesn't have showy flowers or fall color. The tiny cones won't go unnoticed by local birds and wildlife either. The year-round color and spreading, rounded form add so much interest. This Mugo Pine variety grows a bit larger than our Dwarf Mugo Pine. Use them both as coordinating partner plants in a special collection.

Planting and Application:

Long a staple of foundation plantings, people are now using these popular evergreens as a sculptural accent plant throughout the yard. Use this low-growing variety to make an impactful statement. Mugo Pine is an outstanding choice for a unique evergreen shrub to add structure to your winter landscape. It hugs the ground, and adds effortless style to informal designs!

Mugo Pine is fantastic in mixed shrub borders. This tough plant will do well in a big, open, exposed area. It's best to use Dwarf Mugo Pine in foundation plantings under low windows. This standard Mugo Pine can spread wide and get taller over time, especially when it's happy in the planting site.

These free-form plants look best when they are allowed to fill their space without crowding. We recommend planning for the largest height and spread listed in the Plant Highlights. However, you can create a solid, low, privacy hedge with multiple Mugo Pines without any problem. Spacing for a hedge is 3 feet on center, measuring from the center of one to the center of the next. You can easily mass-plant them over larger areas. Use a zigzagging planting pattern in staggered rows. Plant 3 feet apart on center.

They thrive in rocky soil, and make excellent specimen plants for Rock Gardens. Their natural grace is a good fit for the aesthetic of Japanese Gardens, as well. They'll become a perfect counterpoint to the airiness of Japanese Maples.

Mugo will certainly be appreciated on slopes or terraced yards. Dig in a cascading series of large boulders as part of your hillside design, then plant the Mugo above it to soften and integrate the look of this special feature.

Bonsai enthusiasts love working with the architectural Mugo Pine! They carefully sculpt these small plants into works of art that can live for centuries. Why not use a full-size plant to offer the same kind of striking contribution in your yard?

  • Dark Green Long Needles
  • Rugged, Dwarf Evergreen With Excellent Shape & Texture
  • Wide-Spreading Low Growing Shrub Form
  • Adds Year-Round Structure & Architectural Form
  • Favorite of Bonsai Enthusiasts, Hedges, Privacy & Landscape Structure

#ProPlantTips for Care:

Mugo Pines thrive without any special care from you, even in poor soils Plant in a full sun location and any well-drained soil location. Provide regular moisture during the first year in the ground, Mugo isn't that fussy once established.

Mulch around the entire root system supports their growth and a deep winter watering will help these evergreens resist cold dry northern winds throughout USDA planting zones 3 to 7. Go further and protect them by planting in a protected location or spraying with an anti-desiccant each fall.

Tip prune the candles in the spring if you want to keep your shrub compact, but being a slow-growing plant, the Mugo Pine will rarely need any maintenance. Seldom bothered by deer, this is an easy-to-grow evergreen!

  • Hardy & Reliable
  • Widely Adaptable In Well-Drained Soil
  • Moderate Moisture Needs
  • Easily Kept Smaller with Candle Pruning In Spring
  • Deer Resistant & Low-Maintenance Variety

Order yours today and get started with this year-round beauty. You'll appreciate the Mugo Pines rugged charm! Order yours at Nature Hills and enjoy these fluffy low-growing beauties!


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