Discount Rhino EZ Straw Lawn Repair 

Rhino EZ-Straw Lawn Repair

Rhino EZ-Straw Lawn Repair

Ugly, bare patches of bare dirt mar the look of your lush, beautifully green lawn. Here's the more

Ugly, bare patches of bare dirt mar the look of your lush, beautifully green lawn. Here's the easiest solution for reseeding lawn…it really works!

Natural Rhino EZ-Straw Lawn Repair is an "all in one combination kit" of seed, clean straw mulch, and organic fertilizer. It even includes a natural tackifier powder to keep everything in place while the grass seed sprouts and grows into a green carpet.

Planting and Application:

Spreads easily to cover any embarrassing "bald spots" in the lawn. Then, just water to achieve a full cover in 7- 10 days.

  • This organic lawn repair mix has been tested against leading brands. With an organic fertilizer that is guaranteed to help grow lush, green lawns…this kit is proven to work faster and cover twice as much area as other brands.
  • The seed experts at Rhino have chosen a custom grass seed blend that works in sun and shade. Simply prepare the ground, apply the mix, water following directions and reap the compliments of your repair job!
  • Effective Rhino EZ-Straw Lawn Repair kits are actually packed with 10% more grass seed than suggested. This helps ensure the best results!
  • You'll appreciate the hydroseeding advantage with a Tack Bonding agent that holds the seed, fertilizer and straw together. Speed up germination and water less often with this proven solution.
  • The clean, processed wheat straw is natural, biodegradable mulch. No need to clean it up, simply leave it in place to nourish your new lawn.

#ProPlantTips for Care: 

Since 1930, family owned and operated Rhino Seed has beautified lawns with high-quality grass seed. This convenient kit is a great way for beginners and experienced yardners alike to bring their lawn up to a lush, uniform carpet of green.

  • Safe for gardens, pets and children, Rhino EZ-Straw Lawn Repair kits take the guesswork out of grass seeding. Just follow the directions for a showy lawn once again!
  • A convenient, UV protected plastic bag lets you store it outside until you are ready to spread it. Won't make a mess in your vehicle, either!
  • An 11 lb. bag of mix covers 200 feet. That's twice the coverage of leading brands!

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