Adagio Miscanthus Maiden Grass

Adagio Miscanthus Maiden Grass


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IntroductionThis Flowering Dwarf Grass is a Must Have!Accents areas of your landscape that need a little “something”Plant in groups of 3 or 5 for a look you’ll loveGreat silvery-green color and unique textureBronze-Pink to White plumes bloom from late summer through winter!So easy to grow!Never Bareroot… All plants come rooted into a container with soil.DescriptionAre you looking for a plant that is easy to maintain, but still adds distinctive color and texture? The Adagio Miscanthus is a dwarf grass that is prized for these features and many more!Bronze-pink plumes pop up around August. As they age these tassle-like blooms fade to white. Plumes last throughout winter. Yes! Blooms for over half of the year! The foliage is a lively silvery-green, the perfect backdrop for the lovely, lush plumes. The Adagio Maiden grass certainly isn’t short on texture…or color! In autumn the foliage blades take on shades of yellow, orange, red.Adagio Miscanthus grow to about 5 feet tall (with plumes) and 3 to 4 feet wide. Plant 5 feet apart to give each plant plenty of room to grow.Plant in full to part sun for best results. Maiden Grass is adaptable to any well-draining soil. This hardy grass is pest and disease resistant AND deer, rabbit, pollution, and salt tolerant! This tough plant even thrives in urban and coastal areas!You will love watching Adagio Miscanthus grass transform the look of your landscape!Note: If you purchase this grass in fall-winter, it may be cut back for the plant’s health. If your grass is cut back, don’t worry – it will grow even happier and healthier next spring!How To CareWhen planting your Adagio Miscanthus Grass choose the best location for this plant to thrive. Be sure to plant this grass in growing zones 5 to 9. This grass grows best in full to part sun. Miscanthus is adaptable to a variety of soil as long as the soil is well drained.Water deeply once or twice weekly when newly planted (about 3 months) to help the roots grow properly. After the first year Miscanthus grasses are extremely drought tolerant and only rarely need water. Water thoroughly in extreme heat, especially in the first summer. Fertilize lightly with a slow release, balanced fertilizer in spring for optimal growth. Prune back your Miscanthus to about 4-6 inches in late winter or early spring before new growth emerges.Miscanthus grass is extremely hardy as well as pest and disease resistant. It is also deer, rabbit, pollution, and salt tolerant.Landscape IdeasAdagio Maiden Grass works great in groups of 3 or even by itself. It’s perfect for an accent in any type of garden or mixed bed. Try this grass in containers for a really cool look. The flowing habit and unique color and texture soften areas of the landscape and bring vibrancy to areas that are dull. Try junipers, physocarpus, hollies and arborvitae for companion plants.Plant 5 feet apart to give each plant plenty of room to thrive.For additional options, be sure to browse our Pink Muhly Grass, Ornamental Grasses and Miscanthus Maiden Grass collection.

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