All Gold Shore Juniper

All Gold Shore Juniper


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IntroductionAdd more color to your landscape!Golden Yellow Ground coverExtremely durable, hardy, and drought tolerantDwarf Juniper Variety that fits anywherePerfect for growing over rock walls Attractive base for mixed containersDescriptionThe Juniperus conferta ‘All Gold’ is the creeping juniper for areas that need a splash of vibrant color. The foliage of the All Gold Juniper grows golden yellow and has hints of copper in winter. This is the perfect plant to pair with typical blue junipers. The contrasting warm and cool colors make both plants pop more in the landscape. The All Gold Shore Juniper is a dwarf variety that is low growing with a spreading habit, making it an excellent groundcover. This evergreen shrub is super easy to grow and requires little to no maintenance. This drought and heat tolerant plant is great for coastal landscapes. Key FeaturesVibrant color. Rich golden yellow foliage adorns this bush throughout the year. In winter the foliage takes on a warm orange-red hue. The All Gold Shore Juniper is fabulous for adding contrasting pops of color to your landscape.Evergreen. Year-round color and interest make the All Gold Juniper a lovely addition to just about any landscape.Groundcover ideal for mass plantings. Replace some of your grass with the All Gold Shore Juniper and cut back on mowing!Erosion control. Control erosion on hillsides and slopes with this creeping juniper.Easy to grow. This tough groundcover shrub is heat, drought, salt and pollution tolerant. It is good for dry regions and spots in the landscape without irrigation. Once established this plant requires no maintenance.Pro TipsThe All Gold Shore Juniper’s foliage will have the deepest color in full sun. Do not plant in persistently wet soil.How To CareBe sure to choose the best location for your All Gold Juniper. As long as you avoid extreme temperatures you can plant this Shore Juniper almost any time of the year.The All Gold Shore Juniper thrives in full sun and just about any well-draining soil. After planting, add a layer of mulch to help keep the soil moist and protect the lower branches from fungal issues. Water your Juniper deeply a couple times a week for the first month or two. After your plants are established, they only need watered during hot, dry spells. Junipers are drought tolerant after establishing and even more so after being in the ground one or two years. Feed when planting and in early spring with a balanced slow release fertilizer for the best growthPrune out dead stems and thin out branches if they become clustered in an older plant. This allows for air circulation and helps prevent plant diseases. Heavy pruning should be done in late winter or early spring.Junipers are extremely hardy and versatile. When properly cared for, they rarely have issues with pests and diseases. Mites and scale are insects that can occasionally affect Junipers. These can be treated with horticultural oil. For severe infections the pesticide Bonide is recommended. Avoid saturated soils to prevent fungal issues in these evergreen bushes.Landscape IdeasBecause of its ability to withstand salty conditions, the All Gold Shore Juniper is perfect for gardens along the coast. Plant it in a perennial bed for long lasting year round color. Let it cascade down beautiful rock walls to contrast the texture of stone or rock. An added benefit of Junipers is their ability to control soil erosion. Let the All Gold Juniper take over a steep hillside and put mowing maintenance to a halt. This low lying juniper is virtually maintenance free and will add a soft texture and great color to your landscape.Browse our Juniper Collection and Ground Cover Plants for more options.

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