Blue Star Juniper Tree

Blue Star Juniper Tree


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IntroductionTopiary Juniper Tree Adds a Touch of Elegance to the Home Landscape!Easy to Grow and Low MaintenanceOffers a High-end LookGorgeous in ContainersDeer ResistantNever Bareroot… All plants come rooted into a container with soil.DescriptionThe blue star juniper tree is a unique and exciting topiary tree that adds year-round interest to the home landscape. This easy to grow tree beefs up your yard or garden with a high-end feel. You don’t need to break your back to add curb appeal with the blue star juniper tree.The beautiful blue star juniper bush is grafted to a hardy tree stock to give that clean and elegant lollipop topiary look. This stunning topiary juniper tree can be added to a mixed bed or garden or used in a foundation planting to frame your entryway. Plant it in a nice container for an upscale look! Key Features:This blue star juniper tree looks fancy and difficult to maintain. But it is as easy as a basic juniper bush! In fact it requires little to no care once it is established. Maybe a quick snip here and there if you want to keep it very tidy, but the natural habit is clean and attractive.The cool blue color provides a nice contrast to traditional landscape trees, plants, and grasses.This evergreen topiary tree offers year-round interest. Enjoy pest, disease, and deer resistance, as well as drought, salt, and pollution tolerance with this hardy and adaptable juniper tree.This dwarf evergreen tree is small enough to grow in containers. Just water when the soil dries to keep this tree happy and healthy.How To CareThe blue star juniper tree is ideally planted in spring or fall, but in climates with mild summers or mild winters they can be planted at this time as well. These grafted topiary trees are cold hardy and can be planted in winter if the ground is digable.Plant this juniper tree in full to part sun and in any soil that is well drained. Blue star junipers are very adaptable and can grow in just about any soil type. They do prefer neutral to acidic soil so adjust your soil accordingly. Add a 1 to 2 inch layer of pine bark mulch to keep the soil moist and protect the roots after planting.Water your new topiary tree deeply a couple times per week for the first couple months while your tree is establishing its roots. After establishing, this dwarf tree only needs watered during periods of extreme drought. Fertilize when planting and in early spring yearly with a slow release fertilizer. Junipers tolerate drought, pollution, and salt, but do not like wet soil.Blue star junipers are tough and hardy plants. They are deer, pest, and disease resistant. Mites and scale can sometimes be an issue for these evergreens. These insects can be treated with horticultural oil or the insecticide, Bonide, for more severe infestations. Avoid planting the blue star juniper tree on a wet site as this can promote fungal issues.Landscape IdeasThe blue star juniper tree is a lovely accent for your home and garden. Anchor the corners of your home or frame your entryway with this unique and phenomenal evergreen shrub on standard. This topiary tree will add year-round color, beauty, and flair. Add to a mixed bed or plan a cool rock garden or lovely cottage garden around this stunning juniper tree.This blue star juniper tree is fabulous in containers and will add an upscale look to any patio, deck, entryway, or terrace.

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