Blue Zinger Sedge

Blue Zinger Sedge


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IntroductionAdd Phenomenal Texture and Cool Blue Color ContrastSteel Blue Ornamental GrassPlant in Groups or BordersLow MaintenanceTolerates Wet and Shady sitesGreat Compliment in Containers GardensNever Bareroot… All plants come rooted into a container with soil.DescriptionHere is one little beauty that can brighten any dark spot! The Carex Blue Zinger Sedge is a grass-like perennial that thrives in shady spots! This cool blue sedge is a resilient and easy to grow.The steel blue color of the Blue Zinger stands out in the landscape against traditional green grass. The arching blades of this sedge cascade into a lovely rounded shape. The Carex Blue Zinger is only about 1 foot tall and wide, but this clumping ornamental packs quite a big punch into your landscape plan! Carex Blue Zinger Sedge is hardy and very low maintenance. This cold hardy sedge grows well in part sun to full shade and is adaptable to a variety of soils including wet soil. In cooler zones this sedge has been known to even tolerate full sun. This perennial does prefer moist soil, but is drought tolerant once established. Blue Zinger Sedge is pest and disease resistant and even deer and salt tolerant.Add zing to your landscape with the Carex Blue Zinger! Stellar style, stunning shape, rich texture, bold color and easy care all in a compact plant. What more could you want? Order yours today!Note: If you purchase this grass in fall-winter, it may be cut back for the plant’s health. If your grass is cut back, don’t worry – it will grow even happier and healthier next spring!How To CareCarex Blue Zinger is a mounded grass-like perennial that is very low maintenance. Be sure to plant your Carex in growing zones 5 to 9 for best results. This sedge grows well in part sun to full shade and is adaptable to a variety of soils including wet soil. In cooler zones this sedge has been known to tolerate full sun. Water deeply once or twice weekly when newly planted to help the roots grow properly. This perennial does prefer moist soil, but is more drought tolerant than other sedges.Add 2 to 3 inches of mulch to help the soil retain moisture and protect the roots from extreme temps. Fertilize with our slow release, balanced fertilizer when planting and in spring for optimal growth. Prune back your Sedge to about 2 inches if you are in an area where the grass dies back. New growth will emerge in spring. Carex Blue Zinger is pest and disease resistant and deer, salt, and drought tolerant!Landscape IdeasThe Carex Blue Zinger offers excellent color and texture contrast in the garden. This small, mounded grass-like plant can be added virtually anywhere in the landscape for a stunning pop of color! Plant on a hill or slope; sedge is helpful for erosion control. Add to mixed beds and gardens. Carex Blue Zinger looks great paired with Junipers, Arborvitae, Gold Mop Cypress, Japanese Maples, and other grasses in rock gardens. This sedge functions well as a groundcover with distinctive, cool color.For a bold and colorful look plant in groups or as a border. Plant each Blue Zinger about 10 inches apart for a tight border. Plant at least 1 foot apart otherwise.This sedge can be planted in containers alone or to compliment other plants and flowers.For additional options, be sure to browse our Pink Muhly Grass, Ornamental Grasses and Miscanthus Maiden Grass collection.

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