Chinese Pistache Tree

Chinese Pistache Tree


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IntroductionPhenomenal Fall Foliage in an Easy to Grow Shade TreeFiery red, orange, and yellow leaves in autumnUnique shade treeHeat and drought tolerantAttractive fruit that songbirds loveGreat street tree – stands up to pollution, disease, and poor soil!DescriptionThe Chinese Pistache tree is an exciting ornamental tree with major landscape impact in fall. This unique tree displays stunning fall colors. You are going to love the explosion of color on the beautifully distinctive leaves of this shade tree. Enjoy red, orange, and yellow hues that flame upon this striking tree in autumn.The bark is grayish-brown but peels to reveal colorful salmon inner bark adding even more vibrant color. The Chinese Pistache offers plenty of shade with its wide and lush canopy.This tree is incredibly low maintenance once it is established. The Chinese Pistache tree is heat, drought, and pollution tolerant and pest and disease resistant. It can grow in poor soil, including rocky and sandy soil. The soil should be well-drained.Key FeaturesFabulous fall foliage! This tree has the best fall display. The colors will set your landscape ablaze!Unique ornamental tree. This interesting and beautiful tree stands out from the oaks and maples on your street! Make your landscape stand out with the magnificent Chinese Pistache tree!Hardy tree. This tree is really tough. It stands up to heat, drought, pests, disease, smog, and rocky, sandy, and nutrient-poor soil!Easy to grow. This tree doesn’t require any special care. Just plant and water. Once it is established it won’t even require watering!We have healthy Chinese Pistache trees for sale. Buy one today and up your curb appeal!How To CareChinese Pistache trees require almost no maintenance once they are established.They enjoy plenty of sun and are adaptable to any well-drained soil.Water newly planted Pistache trees deeply 2 to 3 times per week for the first month or two while they are establishing their roots. Once established these hardy trees are drought tolerant and won’t require hand wateringApply a 1 to 2-inch mound of mulch around newly planted trees to reduce watering needs, eliminate weeds, and protect the roots. Pistache trees can be fed when planting and in spring with a slow-release fertilizer.We recommend that you prune Pistache trees when they reach about 6 feet in height. At this time, the top of the tree should be pruned back to encourage proper branching and that classic umbrella shape. Remove any water sprouts and shoots growing below the main branches. Pruning should be done when the tree is dormant, preferably in late winter or early spring.Landscape IdeasThe Chinese Pistache makes a great landscape addition to the front or backyard. This tree offers unique foliage and an amazing fall display.Use this tree as a focal point for your landscape. The red and orange fall foliage contrasts and compliments green grass and plants.Line a long driveway with this ornamental beauty. Imagine how your property will shine with color in autumn!Plant a group of three Pistache trees in the corner of a large yard for a great look and bold color.Browse our huge selection of Shade Trees and Flowering Trees for more options!

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