Coral Knock Out® Rose Shrub

Coral Knock Out® Rose Shrub


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IntroductionWow! Gorgeous Coral Roses for Three Seasons!Enjoy amazing and unique colorProlific bloomer with a long bloom periodFlowers in spring, summer, and fall!Pest and disease resistantLow maintenance rose shrubDescriptionThe Coral Knock Out rose is the newest addition to this phenomenal series of roses. The stunning coral blooms steal your gaze with their tantalizing pop of color. The best part is that you can enjoy this vibrant vision of beauty for three seasons. Coral Knock Out roses bloom and rebloom in spring, summer, and autumn! The habit of this rose bush is upright and bushy, similar to other Knock Out roses. However, it does grow a bit taller and wider. Enjoy the same ease of care and disease and insect resistance that you do with other Knock Out roses. If you have been looking for a new rose bush, this is it! Your landscape will wow your neighbors with this exciting new color from Knock Out Roses! Add loads of color and curb appeal with this popular, new plant! Key FeaturesUnique and exciting color. These orange roses are a sight to behold. The Coral Knock Out is a great way to add bold pops of color to your landscape.Coral flowers for months on end! This rose bush blooms in spring, summer, and fall!A landscape shrub. Knock Out roses don’t have 1, 2 or 3 uneven canes like more traditional roses. These shrub roses have a nice full bushy shape that can be used throughout your landscape even in foundation plantings. They are deciduous so mix them with some evergreen plants for year-round appeal in your landscape plan.Easy to grow. This rose bush doesn’t demand much from you! It is more pest and disease resistant than older varieties. It is also drought tolerant once established.Pro Tip: In hot and humid climates the flower color tends to be deeper.Give your landscape a quick facelift with a few of these distinctive coral roses. You will absolutely love the color and beauty this amazing rose bush adds to your home and garden. The new Coral Knock Out Rose is in high demand so order yours today! For more options browse our entire collection of Knock Out Roses for Sale.How To CareSpring and fall are the best times to plant Coral Knock Out Roses in most areas. Regions with mild summers or mild winters can plant at those times as well.Plant Knock Out Roses in pots anytime of the year except in growing zone 5. These plants cannot be kept outdoors in containers in winter in this growing zone without some type of root protection.Plant the Coral Knock Out Rose in full to part sun. We recommend 6 to 8 hours of sun for the best growth and flowering. Knock Out Roses adapt to just about any well-drained soil.Water deeply and immediately after planting and about twice per week for the first 2 to 3 months. Once your plant is established, allow the soil to dry before watering. Always water at the base of your rose bush, never over the leaves.Feed Coral Knock Out Rose bushes our Slow Release Fertilizer when planting and in early spring. It can be used again in late summer to give your plant a boost. Potted roses should be fertilized at least twice per year.While Knock Out Roses do not require pruning, it can help them grow and even bloom better. We recommend pruning this plant back by at least half every year in the early spring after its second winter for the best results.Landscape IdeasThe Coral Knock Out Rose is a great way to add invigorating color to your home landscape.Try these roses in foundation and other group plantings. We like them in hedges too. Plant about 4 feet apart for a hedgerow. For space in-between plants, give them at least 5 ½ feet.Stagger Coral Knock Out Roses throughout a mixed bed or just use one as a focal to build the bed around. These roses are extremely versatile and look beautiful with blues, greens, purples, oranges, yellows, pinks, and reds!Layer Knock Out Roses with evergreen shrubs, perennials, and even annuals or groundcovers for a natural look in your landscape. For large yards add in evergreen and deciduous trees. Just be sure your roses get plenty of sun so you get tons of beautiful blooms!

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