Dark Pink Kanjiro Camellia

Dark Pink Kanjiro Camellia


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IntroductionTrusted Classic Southern Flowering ShrubYear round dark green foliageDark pink bloomsBlooms from fall through winterLow maintenanceAdaptable and versatileDescriptionFrom their beautiful, year-round, glossy green foliage to their stunning, large blooms that pop up when most plants are done doing anything, the Camellia simply shines in the landscape!Virtually maintenance free, with minimal care you can enjoy blooms year after year with the Camellia. Plant your Camellia in acidic soil and ensure that it is planted partial shade to partial sun conditions with filtered sunlight. Too much sunlight will burn up your Camellia. Keep your shrub watered regularly until it is established. Once established, reduce watering, fertilize, and prune after flowers have bloomed. Camellias look great in a hedge or as a specimen plant.Camellias are also low maintenance, adaptable, and versatile.How to CareBe sure to choose an appropriate location for your Camellia.Planting Time: Plant any time of the year taking care to avoid temperature extremes on either end of the spectrum. Sun: Part sun to part shadeSoil: Fertile, acidic, moist, but well drainedWatering: When newly planted, water deeply at least twice weekly. Camellias prefer a moist soil, but water requirements do diminish as the plant ages and is able to shade its own roots. Mulching: Mulching is a great way to keep the roots cool, soil moist, and add nutrients to the soil.Pruning: Prune after flowering if needed to remove dead and dying branches or correct aesthetic or structural issuesLandscape IdeasThe Dark Pink Kanjiro Camellia can be used in a variety of ways to enhance your landscape. This flowering beauty adds tons of color making it an ideal specimen shrub. The size and evergreen foliage make this camellia perfect for hedges, mixed borders, or screens. You can even use it as a foundation plant or to anchor the corners of your home.Learn when to prune your flowering shrubs.For additional options, be sure to browse our Camellia, Flowering Shrubs and Evergreen Shrubs collections.

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