Earth Angel Hosta

Earth Angel Hosta


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IntroductionClassic, Giant PerennialLoves shadeLow growing formBeautifully variegated leaves add a classic look to any landscapePale, lavender colored, bell shaped flowersNever Bareroot… All plants come rooted into a container with soil.DescriptionThe Earth Angel Hosta is a classic giant perennial. Awarded Hosta of the Year in 2009 by the American Hosta Growers Association, ‘Earth Angel’ is an exceptional selection that is massive and elegant with its low-growing form. The beautifully variegated leaves add a classic look to any landscape.The broad, rounded leaves have a blue-green center and transition to creamy white margins that turn yellow in the spring. When mid-summer rolls around, tall spikes shoot from the center of each plant and adorns the stems with pale lavender colored bell shaped flowers.The highly versatile hosta prefers part to full shade. It is adaptable to many soils and pH levels. The Earth Angel Hosta is suitable to plant in containers or even as a bed border. They will go completely dormant in the fall, but will come back year after year! Dead foliage may be removed at any time before the mid spring to allow for new growth.The Earth Angel Hosta is a great accent perennial that is highly adaptable to many conditions. Wherever this Hosta is planted, it will be sure to thrive. Everyone is sure to fall in love with the massive size of the Earth Angel Hosta and the demand for this perennial continues to increase each season. So get your Earth Angel Hosta today before they are all sold out!How To CareHostas thrive in full to part shade and are adaptable to most soils and pH levels. Hostas go dormant in in late fall or winter, but come back year after year. Dead foliage may be removed any time after your plant goes dormant.Water your newly planted Hosta deeply a couple times per week to encourage the roots to grow properly. Once established hostas are drought tolerant however they will perform best with a moist soil. This Hosta is extremely low maintenance. Fertilize with our balanced, slow release fertilizer in spring for best growth.Landscape IdeasHostas are great in just about any shady spot. The large leaves of this hardy plant are perfect for hiding eyesores in your yard and home. Mask the ugly legginess of older shrubs with the Earth Angel Hosta. Fill in spots where other plants won’t grow like around the base of a shade tree.The Earth Angel Hosta is a great way to add color and unique texture and depth to your landscape. Hostas look phenomenal in mass plantings. Plant Hostas in containers to enjoy them on your porch or covered patio or deck.Combine in your landscape with either the Patriot Hosta, Sum and Substance, Hosta Big Daddy or Blue Angel HostaFor additional options, be sure to browse our Phlox, Ground Cover Plants and Hostas collections.

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