Howardi Ligustrum

Howardi Ligustrum


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IntroductionA Hardy Ligustrum with a Lemon and Lime Color!You will LOVE this evergreen shrub as a hedge or privacy screen!Evergreen shrub that is Easy to growPest, Deer, and Disease resistantNever Bareroot… All plants come rooted into a container with soil.DescriptionLigustrums are a tried and true group of plants that are treasured for their rapid growth, evergreen leaves, and ease of care. They make a stunning hedge that shines, literally and figuratively. The Howardi Ligustrum is no exception. It stands out with a luscious lemon and lime coloration that just cannot be beat!The new growth emerges a lovely, lemony yellow and as the leaves age the color gradually deepens into a lavish lime. You will adore the colorful, layered look of the Howardi Ligustrum! The leaves are thick, shiny, and smooth, not prickly like those of a holly. This stellar shrub is dense and lush. No peeking through this shrub! In summer enjoy subtle, delicate, white fragrant flowers. As the flowers fade they are replaced by deep bluish to black berries. The Howardi Ligustrum will attract birds and butterflies alike.Ligustrums are extremely easy to grow. They are pest and disease resistant and deer and drought tolerant. Full sun will you provide the richest color, but these plants will grow well in some shade too. These plants are adaptable to just about any soil. Plant in zones 7-10 for best results.If you are looking for the reliability of the ligustrum, but want something a little different the Howardi Ligustrum is just what you are looking for!How To CarePlant your Howardi Ligustrum in full to partial sun. Ligustrum are extremely adaptable to just about any soil. However, avoid areas with standing water or constantly saturated soil. This condition promotes disease. Also known as Privets, Ligustrum grow in warmer planting zones, 7 to 10. These shrub trees are pest and disease resistant and once established are maintenance free!Remember to always keep your plants fertilized with a high quality, slow release fertilizer. We have our own custom blend made to give your new plants the best start! Fertilize Ligustrum when planting, in early spring and, again, in late summer or early fall.Water your ligustrum deeply upon planting and once or twice weekly while establishing their root systems. Once established, Ligustrum are quite drought tolerant. You will only need to water during extremely dry periods. Ligustrum can withstand heavy pruning, but don’t require it. Prune any time of the year.The Howardi Ligustrum is pest and disease resistant and once established is virtually maintenance free! Ligustrums are drought, heat, pollution, and deer tolerant.Landscape IdeasThe Howardi Ligustrum is fantastic as a funky, free form plant in a mixed bed, perfect for a privacy screen, hedge or border, and awesome as anchor or foundation plants. Let them grow naturally for a more artistic look or prune them to your hearts content for a clean manicured look. This ligustrum looks great either way.For additional options, be sure to browse our Wavy Leaf Ligustrum, Curly Leaf Ligustrum, Howardi Ligustrum, Ligustrum and Privet collections.

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