Lo and Behold Ice Chip Butterfly Bush

Lo and Behold Ice Chip Butterfly Bush


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IntroductionDwarf Variety that Attracts Butterflies and Hummingbirds!Stunning white butterfly bush that stays smallNon-invasiveNo deadheading requiredBlooms all summer long!Low maintenanceNever Bareroot… All plants come rooted into a container with soil.DescriptionNew Ice Chip Butterfly Bush by Proven Winners! Most Butterfly Bushes can overtake the landscape because they grow so large. The Ice Chip was developed to be more versatile in the landscape by keeping its size dwarf.The stunning pure white blooms stand out over its silvery green foilage. Enjoy white blooms attracting masses of butterflies and hummingbirds all summer long!Are you new to gardening and low on extra time? The Lo & Behold ‘Ice Chip’ requires no deadheading! It’s one of the easiest butterfly bushes to maintain and resistant to deer. We forgot to mention that it’s also a seedless variety so there is no mess.Looking for a spot to plant the Ice Chip? It will only reach about 18-24 inches tall and about 2-3 feet wide. This perennial is great for planting in mass for attracting more butterflies or even in containers on your patio!The Ice Chip Butterfly Bush requires full sun and prefers well drained soil. During the winter months or early spring, it is best to prune your butterfly bush down to the ground to get it ready for the upcoming season. Keep your butterfly bush fertilized with our special fertilizer for more blooms!Buy your new fragrant Ice Chip Butterfly Bush today, and we will ship it to your front door.How To CareWhen planting your Lo and Behold® Ice Chip Butterfly Bush be sure you have the right location and conditions for your new shrub to thrive. Spring and fall are ideal times to plant. However, if you avoid freezing and hot temperatures you can plant almost any time of the year.Butterfly bushes tolerate full sun and part shade and are adaptable to a variety of soils as long as your soil is well drained. If your soil is nutrient rich your Butterfly bush will not require fertilizer. Fertilize in early spring and when planting if your soil is lacking. Choose a balanced slow release fertilizer.Water well when your plant is newly planted and during establishment, but otherwise Butterfly bushes are drought tolerant and only require watering during dry, hot periods. Butterfly bushes don’t require pruning, but these shrubs do tolerate heavy pruning if you choose to do so. No deadheading is required for continuous blooms with this variety. Mulching is a good choice especially in colder regions to protect the roots from freezing temperatures.The best way to prevent disease and pests is by providing the appropriate care for your plants. Proper location choice, watering, and fertilization are the keys to your success. Butterfly bushes in general are quite resilient and only rarely have issues. The Lo and Behold® series from Proven Winners in particular is extremely pest, disease, and deer resistant.Landscape IdeasThe Ice Chip grows 2 feet tall and wide. This perennial looks greats and fits in anywhere with plenty of sun. This butterfly bush is the perfect addition to any plant bed or mixed border. Try planting in mass for an amazing blanket of flowers. Plant about 2 feet apart. The Lo and Behold series of butterfly bushes is ideal for containers.Learn when to prune your flowering shrubs.For additional options, be sure to check out our Butterfly Bush collection.

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