Sweet Summer Love Clematis

Sweet Summer Love Clematis


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IntroductionThis Flowering Vine is a Garden Favorite!Accents areas of your landscape with bell shaped flowers!Great for Fences and ArborsAttracts Butterflies!Violet and Purple bloomsVigorous GrowerNever Bareroot… All plants come rooted into a container with soil.DescriptionThe Sweet Summer Love Clematis is a the perfect blooming vine with a spectacular show of fragrant cranberry blooms that mature into a violet purple flower packing a punch of sweet scent.As a popular Proven Winners® selection, expect this flowering vine to be carefree and a long bloomer. The Sweet Summer Love Clematis gives off a Vanilla scent in hotter temperatures. This Clematis doesn’t mind some shade and will be sure to bring nearby butterflies and hummingbirds to the garden for a visit.Planted in bunches, the Sweet Summer Love Clematis can sprout thousands of sweet scented flowers used to cover garden structures and climb outdoor walls. This species of Clematis blooms over a month earlier than the rest and that carries on into the fall season.How To CareThe Sweet Summer Love Clematis loves its lighting conditions from part shade to full sun. Shady areas generally produce more purple tones in the blooms.Clematis prefer shaded areas with cover to protect their root system with well drained, neutral soil so be sure check your ph levels. Plant your Sweet Summer Love Clematis a minimum of 4′ apart for proper spacing. This flowering vine can do well grown in a container and even paired with other climbing species such as roses. The spring season is the optimal time to prune your Clematis, just on time to clear out space for the lower buds to start growing out.Landscape IdeasHave your Sweet Summer Love Clematis grow up onto garden walls, arbors and other outdoor structures in the landscape. Great focal point for bases of small trees or around shrub sections. This specimen is known best for sprouting tons of colorful blooms amongst outdoor patios, walkways and on fences.For additional options, browse our Vines collection.

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