Yellow Twig Dogwood

Yellow Twig Dogwood

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IntroductionAmazing Vivid Color to Brighten a Barren, Winter LandscapeWhite Flowers in springDeep Green Leaves spring through fallWhite Berries in fallGreat Color! Easy care!Never Bareroot… All plants come rooted into a container with soil.DescriptionFew shrubs can provide the dramatic year-round impact of the Yellow Twig Dogwood.From the stunning yellow bark of winter that lend this showy shrub its name to the unique white berries of summer you will love watching this plant transform your landscape all year. In spring sprigs of delicate white flowers emerge, sitting atop lovely green leaves. These green leaves transition to yellow in autumn before dropping to reveal that prized yellow bark.Wildlife, birds, and butterflies love the Yellow Twig Dogwood. Butterflies flock to this plant in spring when the blooms arrive. Birds and other wildlife enjoy the berries.This shrub is extremely easy to care for, only demanding water. Yellow Twigs prefer full sun, but perform well with some shade. They are adaptable to a variety of soil including clay and even wet soil. Keep the soil moist and fertilize with a balanced, slow release fertilizer once a year in spring for best results. Yellow Twig Dogwoods are deer tolerant.Add some unique and stunning color to your boring, winter landscape with the Yellow Twig Dogwood!How To CareThe Yellow Twig Dogwood prefers full sun, but performs well with some shade. If you are planting in a zone 8, partial shade is best to help avoid leaf scorch. They are adaptable to a variety of soil including clay and even wet soil. However, a well-draining soil is ideal. For the first few weeks water deeply about 3 times per week to help the roots grow properly.Reduce to about 2 times per week for the next couple months while your dogwood is establishing. After this establishment period, you can cut back once again, but be sure to avoid allowing the soil to dry completely. This shrub likes does not like to be dry. Fertilize with a balanced, slow release fertilizer once a year in spring for best results. Mulching is great option to keep the soil moist.Add about 3 inches of mulch around this shrub, taking care to cover the entire root zone area. There is no need to prune this shrub, but if you do, prune in late winter. Pruning older wood every few years will encourage a brighter yellow bark. Yellow Twig Dogwoods are deer tolerant.Provide optimal conditions to keep your Yellow Twig Dogwood healthy. A healthy plant will have significantly less risk of disease and pest. Scale, and Bagworms can cause problems for these shrubs on occasion. Scale can be treated with horticultural oil, optimally applied in the dormant season.Bagworms are generally treated, by cutting off the affected portion of the branch or applying carbaryl or Bacillus thuringiensis. Powdery Mildew can be an issue for this Dogwood. Treat with a fungicide as soon as symptoms begin to treat effectively. Be sure to water at the base of the plant rather than over the top to avoid fungal issues. Various Leaf Spot fungus can occur.Be sure your plant isn’t over crowded. You can even thin out the canopy by pruning a few branches. However this type of fungus is more of a visual eyesore than anything and will not affect the overall health of your plant.Landscape IdeasThe Yellow Twig Dogwood compliments just about any plant or tree. Some of our favorites are grey owl junipers, firewitch dianthus, and emerald green arborvitae. Yellow Twigs look great in a bed or garden as a specimen plant or planted in mass for a spectacular display. Try these as an extremely unique border or hedge. These are great for erosion control and tolerate slope planting well.

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